About Us

The law firm NMK (Negreiro, Medeiros & Kiralyhegy Advogados) was founded in 2003, in Rio de Janeiro, by three partners who decided to join expertise in several areas of the law and invest in the quality to serve their clients. Since then a team of excellence has been contributing to improve methodologies of legal advising and consulting services to companies and institutions from different business sectors, both nationally and internationally. A successful path of one of the most respected law firms in the country was thus consolidated.

In the corporate environment, decisions must be quickly and, at the same time, safely made. Thus, as part of the NMK differentials, the managing partners directly meet the demands of clients in their own expertise areas, always supported by the most technically capable teams.
This assistance model has been proving to be successful both to strengthen the relationship and to quickly and efficiently answer the questions presented by clients during the work meetings and in other interacting situations. On the other hand, it is strategic because it has been contributing to increasingly qualify our professionals, in tune with the market needs.

As a consequence of its commitment with agility and effectiveness in serving their clients, the law firm NMK Advogados has been presenting sound performance indicators since the starting of its activities. Since then right decisions have favored the increase of the services provided and the horizontal growth. Among them we must highlight the creation of the Corporate area in 2011, conducted by the partner in charge, and the incorporation of a law firm which became a partner in 2013, thus allowing the strengthening of the Civil area.
As a result of joint efforts, a constant improvement has been achieved. This is due both to the recognition of the market regarding the technical excellence of the teams and to the competitiveness conditions ensured mainly by factors such as a lean administrative structure and a management capacity, which is continuously improving.
Talent, competence and credibility, associated to the relevant services provided, have been causing a positive impact on strategic opinion makers. An example can be found in the magazine Análise Advocacia 500, a respected publication which yearly assess the performance of the Brazilian legal market, electing the best professionals in different categories. For the third consecutive year the work of law firm NMK has been recognized. In 2014 NMK obtained the third place in the Brazilian Tax area. The partner Eduardo Kiralyhegy, in charge for the area, obtained himself the third place among the most admired lawyers in the country.

Motivating environment
Whether due to the range of subjects in which it developed an expertise or to the way it acts, the law firm NMK, installed in an ample and modern environment, in a strategic location, represents an excellent space of learning where young talents daily lives with fully experienced professionals. This exchange of knowledge contributes to an ongoing improvement and a richer and more motivating organizational environment.
With united, highly qualified and fully integrated teams, which actively follow all stages of the service process, NMK encourages the creation potential of its professionals, in order to challenge them to permanently seek the best solutions to the large demands submitted by the clients.

Recognized by its highly tailored services, the law firm NMK sees positive perspectives of horizontal growth, but it remains attentive to the need to maintain the high quality standard with which it has built a brand of credibility
The level of maturity acquired throughout its existence has contributed to the organization of new areas within the Public Law, and the activities of the law firm NMK now involve four important pillars: Customs, Taxation, Regulation and Administrative.
From the Rio de Janeiro office, the current capacity to provide services at strategic cities in the country is reaffirmed, whether through the direct practice of its partners or through strategic alliances with external consultants and advisers who are recognized for their qualification. The perspective of future expansion to other large Brazilian cities is a natural consequence, provided that the demands of the market so requires.